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Invitation to delight…

I am tempted to begin the blog with a “measure of time”, to say, this past weekend marked my second Sabbath.  Why is it so hard to just write without incorporating the surrounding details.  Guess this is one area in which my detail-oriented nature invites me to start “delighting” and stop “doing, organizing, thinking,  etc”…

Sabbath began a bit later this weekend, but was enjoyed all the same.  We started off with lighting the Sabbath candle and enjoying a home cooked meal.  Sitting in the dark with just the light of a flickering candle is a very cool experience.  Watching the light dance around and catch different objects reminded me of my 6th grade science class when we would go up in front of the film projector to make silly animals with our hands.

Slowing down from a busy day of visiting friends, cleaning, doing laundry and fighting my way through traffic was so welcoming.  Simply sitting on a couch, watching fish swim around a tank, looking at photographs, hearing stories from the past transported me into a very relaxed state.  I must admit, I haven’t felt this relaxed in awhile and it suits me.

As the morning dawned on Sunday, I awoke to birds chirping (hello spring!) outside my window.  It was so peaceful awaking without my alarm, hearing the birds, and seeing the sunshine peek through the blinds.  I slowly got up and started the day.  Since Phil and I were taking an afternoon class at church, we decided to have brunch together and to enjoy the sunshine before we had to get class.

We decided on a quaint little place in Forest Hills called “Just like Mother’s”…where we delighted in blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs, fresh squeezed OJ and cappucinos.  We took our time, took a few Sabbath pictures, and even had a rather interesting conversation with an elderly couple next to us.  They were telling us that they have known each other since 1989, that they aren’t married, just celebrating the anniversary of their friendship.  I thought that was rather sweet.

Took a stroll along Austin avenue after brunch and then it was time to head to church for our class.  I was having a rather difficult time with attending a class on my Sabbath.  Afterall, I define “class” as “work” and in many ways it was work…to pay attention, engage the people around me, be upbeat…but God honored that time and I came out of the class with a renewed sense of gratitude.  I was grateful that New Life provided such a resource (financial) to us/me and was reminded that the two people in the class chose to serve us through their gifts (instructor/hospitality).  I felt humbled.

Since there was still time before evening service, we walked over to My Thai and had a delicious meal together.  We ventured back over to church for service and experienced “delight” by eating a Hersherys chocolate kiss in 3 bites!  I don’t think I’ve ever even tasted this candy before last night.  Drew invited us to “delight in chocolate” by unwrapping the candy slowly, smelling it, touching it, and then slowly biting off a piece and tasting it!  Wow!  The place was silent…and the experience is one I will never forget.  I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy a “kiss” again in the same way.

Finally, as the evening rolled on towards the 8 o’clock hour, we got into the car and lighted the Sabbath candle, said a few prayers and thanked God for yet another invitation to rest and delight in Him, each other, and all of our experiences.

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